Army of Women Calls for Help

There’s been so much talk lately in blogs and on Twitter about support for breast cancer patients, no matter where one might be on their journey.  The consensus is that our online community wins hands down.

I love that we have it.  I hate that we need it.

Please help the Army of Women in their work to discover the causes of breast cancer. Let’s help insure women in our future never need a breast cancer support group.

A current study, “Project Care” needs your help.

Who Can Participate? You are eligible for the Project CARE Study if you match ALL of the following:
• You are a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer (any stage, including DCIS and metastatic disease)
• This was your first diagnosis of breast cancer
• You completed your chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery within the last 6 months
• You do NOT have a history of other cancers (basal cell skin cancer is OK)
• You self-identify as Black/African American
• You are over the age of 21
• You are able to speak, read, and write English fluently
• You live in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area

If you match, please use the link below to RSVP.  If you aren’t a match, please pass the info to a friend who might match or know someone that does.  Either way, you’re helping the Army of Women in their quest to end breast cancer and put an end to support groups everyone.  

Project Care

Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Army of Women Calls for Help

  1. I keep crossing my fingers that I'll qualify for one of their uber-important BC studies, but alas, the only one I've qualified for as of yet has been a study re: emotions after BC…which if they knew me, they might wish I hadn't signed up!


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