Bringing Up Goliath

Over 50 reboot! Life after breast cancer.


  • A Dog in the Sun

    Like so many of you, I’ve been thinking a lot about Jody Schoger these days.  She was one of the first breast cancer bloggers I discovered back when I was consumed by it all.  Of course, I was inspired by her tireless advocacy, but it was her encouragement I embraced.  She read my words when… Continue reading

  • Secrets and Sons

    My sons were too young to understand cancer when I was diagnosed in 2009.  Just little sprouts, barely 3 and 5 years old, and since I didn’t have chemo to peg me as a cancer patient, I didn’t tell them.  There seemed no point.  I was able to spare them, really myself, the horrible task of… Continue reading

  • Damaged Goods

    My reaction surprises me.  I mean, I talk about breast cancer all the time.  I blog about it, obviously, so why can’t I say it?  And what’s with the tears?My husband and I are sitting in our insurance agent’s office, of all places, discussing life insurance for him, when innocently enough, the agent turns to me and… Continue reading

  • My New Alliance Revisited & Hopes for 2016

    As the new year begins, I want to say thanks for the warm welcome back to the blogging world.  Re-entry has certainly been easier than the initial launch in 2010 when I didn’t know anyone and for that, I’m grateful.Back then, I wrote an end-of-year post praising social media’s ability to bring breast cancer survivors together.  Other than… Continue reading

  • Sell By…

    The hard truth about blogging…Specifically, blogging in our breast cancer community, is facing we have an expiration date.  Or rather our “sell by” date.  The date we’re forced to realize, from here on out, we’re not so fresh or at our best anymore.  We learn we’re mortal.    I suppose there’s lots of ways to learn… Continue reading

About Me

Diagnosed 5 days before my 45 birthday with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Stage 1, ER/PR+, Her2-. This was 9 years after losing my mom to breast cancer, so in a way, I wasn’t surprised. A bilateral mastectomy followed by reconstruction, oophorectomy, and years of Tamoxifen & Letrozole would follow all while being a wife and mom to two young boys. My mission now is to take control of what I can. For too long, I let life happen to me. Time to have it happen FOR me. I hope you’ll come along. These are my thoughts and stories.

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