Bringing Up Goliath

Over 50 reboot! Life after breast cancer.


  • To Write or Not to Write

    Why would a person revive an old blog?   Many reasons, actually.  Some sad, but not in this case.  Things are good here, six and a half years after diagnosis, though I’ll save a future post for how I probably just jinxed myself.  I’m convinced that’s how it works. Well, anyway, the idea of blogging should… Continue reading

  • Reflections on My 49th Birthday

    I know.  I haven’t written in ages.  Reading and writing blog posts have been difficult the last few months and not for any reason other than I’m just busy.  Amazing actually, to find myself sucked back into the everyday-ness of ordinary life after being so rudely pulled from it four years ago. So… what to… Continue reading

  • The Ties that Bind Us

    It didn’t matter where I was.  A room full of women at a support group.  Sitting next to a “young-ish” woman in my oncologist’s office.  Alone in front of my laptop. We’d find each other. They were there, these women like me who heard they had it — that word.  That word I hate giving… Continue reading

  • Thanksgiving Past

    When I was a very young girl, my mother let me skip the last day of school before Thanksgiving. How I loved those days.  A break from the ordinary, the air thick with anticipation for the fun, food and family that was to come.   Every Thanksgiving, my family and my aunt’s family would alternate… Continue reading

  • HOW and Why

    Hello Blogosphere, it’s been a while… I was away doing what people do, whether they’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer or they haven’t.  The things people do before breast cancer brings it all to a screeching halt.  I was taking care of my family, working a little, traveling a little and all the time pretending… Continue reading

About Me

Diagnosed 5 days before my 45 birthday with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Stage 1, ER/PR+, Her2-. This was 9 years after losing my mom to breast cancer, so in a way, I wasn’t surprised. A bilateral mastectomy followed by reconstruction, oophorectomy, and years of Tamoxifen & Letrozole would follow all while being a wife and mom to two young boys. My mission now is to take control of what I can. For too long, I let life happen to me. Time to have it happen FOR me. I hope you’ll come along. These are my thoughts and stories.

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