Bringing Up Goliath

Over 50 reboot! Life after breast cancer.

May 2012

  • Follow the Butterflies

    Nancy’s Point today is remembering her bilateral mastectomy.  She’s also wondering if a day can go by without thoughts of cancer.  I’ve been pondering that myself lately, as the three year anniversary of my diagnosis on May 1, has come and gone. My head is still very much in the cancer world.  The anniversary of… Continue reading

  • The Greatest Gift

    This past Saturday, my boy turned eight.  Eight! Where has my little one gone?  I looked away for just a moment and years slipped away. I’m melancholy for days of a tiny boy dressed in onesies and blue jeans, small white sneakers on feet not yet walking.  A bald head, so smooth to touch, bright eyes… Continue reading

  • A Mother’s Day Wish

    For all the mothers and their daughters. For all the mothers loved by sons. Please take a moment and read about Nancy Wyatt and her Mother’s Day wish for a future without breast cancer and then like Nancy and myself, consider joining up with the Love/Avon Army of Women. Together we can help researchers discover the… Continue reading

  • Just Another Day

    I’m supposed to write today.  I was supposed to write yesterday and the day before, but I’m not finding the words and my mind keeps drifting off to other things.  Like the bread I have rising in the kitchen.  Another 30 minutes and I can stick it in the oven. But, how can I write… Continue reading

About Me

Diagnosed 5 days before my 45 birthday with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Stage 1, ER/PR+, Her2-. This was 9 years after losing my mom to breast cancer, so in a way, I wasn’t surprised. A bilateral mastectomy followed by reconstruction, oophorectomy, and years of Tamoxifen & Letrozole would follow all while being a wife and mom to two young boys. My mission now is to take control of what I can. For too long, I let life happen to me. Time to have it happen FOR me. I hope you’ll come along. These are my thoughts and stories.

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