Rachel’s Words

I published my very first post on October 20, 2010.  My husband knew and no one else on the planet.

Less than two weeks later my first comment from Rachel Cheetham Moro arrived.  She was drawn to a contrived word, Clogger = Breast Cancer Blogger.

I saw Rachel’s comments as a stamp of approval.  As encouragement to keep blogging. My words and experiences worth sharing.  That it was even important to do so.  She reminded me women the world over needed to hear from those that had been through it. We would help each other.  

The word, Clogger, would fall by the wayside, but my ties to Rachel never would until the reality of breast cancer severed our strings.

Here are just some of the many, insightful, passionate words I was lucky enough to receive from Rachel.

November 2, 2010
What I have discovered in the clogging (LMAO about that term!!!) world is that cloggers read other cloggers, and what an amazingly supportive, wonderful world it is.”

December 23, 2010
“You know I’ve been thinking a lot about this social media thing and I think we’re barely scratching the surface.  I have thought of trying to put together a breast cancer blogger summit of sort.  Need to think a bit more about it and of course, the technology, but I say, why the hell not?”

March 10, 2011
“Your Sherpas are with you today and every day.”

Publishing new blog posts will never be the same, for I know I will never again find her funny, snarky, intelligent, caring comments in my mailbox.

Thank you, Rachel, for welcoming me into this “amazingly supportive, wonderful world.” 

Thank you for opening my eyes to the inequalites in breast cancer fundraising and telling us all what life is and can be for someone with Stage IV breast cancer.

We will never forget there is more work to be done.

We’ll take the reins from you now.

As you said and what you must know, “Your Sherpas are with you today and every day.”

8 thoughts on “Rachel’s Words

  1. Stacey, so many of us are going to miss blog visits from Rach. No one enjoyed my snark more than she!! :(But you know we will all take extra care of each other now. Rach would want us to. xxoo


  2. I love this post, Stacey. I always felt honored when Rachel would leave a comment on my blog. I will miss her snark and miss her terribly. But Kathi is right: we need to take care of each other now.


  3. Stacey, we will miss her shining guidepost as one of our sherpas. But her spirit lives on. I love that Clogger term. Too bad it went by the wayside. Thanks for posting a sampling of Rachel's comments. All of her comments spoke volumes when she posted them, and now they resonate even more in her absence from this life. Take good care of yourself. XOXO


  4. Stacey,I understand exactly what you mean when you say, \”stamp of approval.\” There was something special about Rachel… the snark…. hell… I gotta call it what it is… as a NY girl to the one on the Jersey Shore…. she was a wise ass… and that was what I love the most… and that's what I will miss the most…. The brilliant and wise ass comments. I am so glad you were there on behalf of all of us.xoxoxoxAnneMarie


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