For My Blogging Sisters

I need more time, I think.  To do justice to what Susan Neiber and Rachel Cheetham Moro meant to me as a person with breast cancer, as a blogger, as a friend.
They need more time, they probably thought.  To inform others that breast cancer is not over despite how pretty it looks dressed in pink.
People still get diagnosed.  People still die.  People still get left behind.
My thoughts today are with Rachel’s Beloved, Anthony and her devoted companion, Newman.
My thoughts are with Susan’s husband and the two young boys she so often described as her source of strength and her greatest joy.
If I could dim the lights on my blog, I would.  This is the only way I know how.

19 thoughts on “For My Blogging Sisters

  1. I just loved that when I first read it on #bcsm last night about dimming the lights – I think metaphorically speaking we have all done that in our own ways with quiet reflection on the passing of these two wonderful women. Love to you ♥


  2. Thanks for writing, Marie. I couldn't help reusing that phrase. I wish we could dim the lights on Broadway, but this will have to do. We'll remember and keep their words alive. It helps knowing you're out there.


  3. Reading many of Rachel's comments over the last few days really reminds me of how brilliant she was. Her words will live for a very long time. Thanks, Jody.


  4. I too am struck by the wisdom and passion in Rachel's comments. I realized it at the time, each time I read her blog or comments, but am really struck by it now. Brilliant, snarky, funny, wise, and true barely begin to describe her. I'm sure the same is true of Susan. So sad, just so sad.


  5. Since I first read your statement about dimming the lights on your blog, I have been thinking about your words all week. I actually think that the lights did go out, or at least dimmed, metaphorically speaking on all our blogs and in our hearts with the news of the passing of these two amazing women. We have to try now to help each other rekindle those lights again over the coming weeks and months – glad to have you in my life x


  6. You know, Marie, I keep playing with new post ideas. What should I say about these ladies? What approach should I take? I keep staring and stopping. Nothing I come up with feels right. You may be right about the lights. I'm looking forward to Saturday. To meeting all those that knew and loved Rachel and seeing the other bloggers. I think we can't help but find the flame to rekindle those lights in that room. We need to, Glad to have you, too.


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