Bruised, Battered, Thankful

This is not the year-end post I had envisioned, but as we know, life doesn’t always play out the way we’d like it to.  It can change in a matter of seconds by something we never even see coming, like a cancer diagnosis or sometimes, by a force we do see, but simply can’t avoid quickly enough.

Which is what happened to me and my family this past Sunday while on our way to a tree farm to cut down our own Christmas tree.  It’s sort a tradition, started about four years ago, only this time we never got there.

While driving on a narrow, curvy two-lane road with a slight incline on our side and a lake on the other, from around the next bend came a car already swerving out of control.  Like something from a chase scene in a bad movie.  Very surreal, watching it speed side to side, heading toward the wire guardrail on the lake side, thinking we can get past this, only to realize that was not to be, as the 17 year-old driver spun the steering wheel and careened straight into us.  With no where to go, we took the impact.

I remember seeing the front of his car crash into ours, the unforgettable sound of crushing steel, the white of an airbag, then silence for a split second before the sound of my children’s cries.

The four of us walked away.  My children, thankfully, completely fine with a new appreciation of mom and dad’s fanaticism regarding seat belts.  My husband and I took more of the force, being in the front, but despite bruises and the sorest ribcage one girl could ever imagine, we’re okay.  We are thankful.  It is clear how much we could have lost in those moments.

There’s more I want to write, but I’m tired and my thoughts are scattered.  I just wanted to touch base with our cyber community and wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and an even better new year.

I want to thank you for sharing my stories and experiences in 2011, especially being there when I had to say goodbye to my boy, Goliath.  Ironically, the car we just lost was purchased two months after getting Goliath, with the intention of driving around with our new big dog.  Weird to think we’ve lost both in such a short time.  In 2012, we’ll need to figure out how we are more than the sum of a car and a dog.

Perhaps there’s some greater meaning to it all, but right now, I can’t imagine what that is.

I don’t want to be a Bloggy Downer, that’s not my intention or how I feel.  I’m grateful we’re all still here, getting ready to welcome a new year of wondrous possibilities.  I look forward to catching up and continuing to read all your blogs.

I’m sure I’ll have an interesting thing or two to write about next year.  Upcoming visits with my oncologist and breast surgeon, not to mention, the possibility of saying goodbye to my plastic surgeon.  Assuming neither implant shifted upon impact the other day.  Things are feeling a bit off.

Stayed tuned.  I’ll see you in 2012.

Be well and stay safe!!

11 thoughts on “Bruised, Battered, Thankful

  1. Wow, Stacey, what a story! I am so so thankful that only the car was seriously injured. We just never know what life will throw at us, do we? Just a simple trip to get a Christmas tree, and look what transpired. I'm thinking of you during this holiday season, and wishing you the best news from your doctors in 2012.Jan


  2. Stacey, Life can change in an instant. Of course, we all know this, but yet we don't until something like this happens. Thankfully you all walked away relatively unscathed. My two sons were in an accident this summer and totaled the car. It could have been so bad and we were so thankful too…Thinking about it still scares me. It is quite ironic somehow that you lost both Goliath and the jeep in such a short time span. Life does throw things at us we don't expect doesn't it?I look forward to reading more of your posts in 2012. Until then, enjoy some quiet time with your family. You'll be savoring each others' company even more this year. My best to you all.


  3. Stacey,Life turns on a dime and this was a reminder of how quickly things can change. First, I am very thankful that you and your family are safe. And second, I am glad you are a part of \”my world\” ….. Have a joyous Christmas. I look forward to chatting, tweeting, blogging in the new year.Sending love,AnneMarie


  4. I too am very relieved that you were all able to walk out of this, but can understand that the physical pains are often dwarfed by the impact of these shocks on our emotions and soul. 2011 has brought unwelcome things and challenges, especially with the loss of dear Goliath. But I would like to just reflect that it has also developed our friendship, and that warms my soul. I wish for good things for you all in the coming year. Philippa


  5. In a blink of an eye our lives can change..This is the first time reading your blog and certainly not my last. Thank Goodness you were all alright in spite of things.Wishing you and yours a \”Very Merry Christmas\” all the best in 2012…Love Alli xx


  6. Stacey,Life can be really scary, and I'm so very glad that you and your family were able to walk away. I'm sorry you lost the car and your dog in the same year. Hopefully 2012 will be better for you.


  7. Stacey, how scary! Just a few months ago I witnessed a horrible accident right beside me on a very busy road: about a dozen cars were all stopped at a red light (on a road where the speed limit is 50, so dangerous!), when in the lane next to me a 20-something year old guy sped past on his phone and slammed into the truck stopped in front of him. The guy in the car was ejected from the vehicle, and my boyfriend and I pulled over into a ditch and got out to find him face down on the pavement with his head cut open, unconscious. It was absolutely horrifying. It's even scarier to think what would have happpened if my boyfriend hadn't gotten into the left lane just 20 seconds prior. Everything changes in a moment! I am glad you are all okay, and I hope you enjoyed your holidays together.


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