Bringing Up Goliath

Over 50 reboot! Life after breast cancer.

August 2011

  • A Pause before Packing

    I’m writing on the Monday before I leave for a big vacation.  A time I usually love. Excitement in the air, reminiscent of the cool crispness found in late summer as I used to gather supplies for a new school year.  Things are fresh, clean. I want to get out my suitcase.  I want to… Continue reading

About Me

Diagnosed 5 days before my 45 birthday with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Stage 1, ER/PR+, Her2-. This was 9 years after losing my mom to breast cancer, so in a way, I wasn’t surprised. A bilateral mastectomy followed by reconstruction, oophorectomy, and years of Tamoxifen & Letrozole would follow all while being a wife and mom to two young boys. My mission now is to take control of what I can. For too long, I let life happen to me. Time to have it happen FOR me. I hope you’ll come along. These are my thoughts and stories.

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