Pink Power Revisited

All the discussion over pink power lately reminded me that I once wrote a post called The Power of Pink early on in my blogging days when no one was reading my stuff except Nancy.  Thanks for that, Nancy.

With some trepidation, I went to read it again, probably for the first time since writing it.  Afraid I’d find naive words written by a breast cancer survivor (for lack of a better word) taken in by all the pinkwashing that abounds.  Had my opinions changed since entering into our amazing blog world, since learning so much from so many well informed women?
Turns out, except for one cringing use of the boob word, it was pretty good. Months later, this is still my point of view where pink is concerned.  It’s really about the power we find within ourselves and a hope for a future without breast cancer, thanks to an organization focused on…research.  Check it out.  

One Million Strong
I used to pretend that if I didn’t talk about breast cancer or acknowledge its existence in any way, then it couldn’t hurt me. You know how everyone has a circle of personal space around them?  Well, if I refused to let cancer enter my space whether through reading about it, watching yet another news story or hearing about one other person I knew being diagnosed, then I was protected. It wouldn’t break into my personal space; my force field held strong.
Stupid, of course, but when you’re scared of something for so very long, that’s how you deal.  At least, me, until it broke through and I had to face this enemy head on, boobs first.  The thing is, it’s nearly a year and a half since I was diagnosed and the road travelled these days isn’t as rough as it was early on and I’m starting to believe in the power of pink. Not in the “Let’s raise breast cancer awareness pink.”  Although, I won’t argue the importance of that here. No, I’m talking about its personal power when faced head on. 
Pink gives us the strength to accept the challenges we’ve been given, even when they seem insurmountable. Pink is the freedom to talk with others out loud, in public and not in the back room of a small shop in a strip mall someplace, as it was in my mother’s day more than twenty years ago.  Pink has without a doubt, helped raise survival rates, so there are more of us out there to band together. The power of pink takes down the monster and just maybe, makes it a bit less scary.  At the very least, we are no longer alone and as they say, there’s strength in numbers.
I can say the words now.  Breast cancer.  I couldn’t when talking about my mother or even myself when first diagnosed, as if just saying it would make it worse.  Pink has allowed me to change.  I can read all about it now without being afraid.  In fact, I’m devouring any and all information I can get on how to fight this thing and I don’t mean for my own particular treatment, but on a broader scale.  Before, I always wanted to look away, but now, I’m looking right at it and wondering what I can do to help.  
This disease has taken countless women from this world including my mother, my aunt, my brother’s mother-in-law and two people my own age I knew since high school and those are just the ones I knew personally who have died. How many more are living with breast cancer everyday?  I don’t want it to win ever again. I’m taking a stand. For myself and for the women I’ve lost.  I signed on to Dr. Susan Love’s Army of Women and I hope you’ll consider doing the same.  I’m all for raising awareness and early detection is my mantra, but Dr. Love is working toward prevention, not just a cure. 
Please watch the PSA attached here and visit the Army of Women website. Imagine a world without breast cancer. Imagine all the women gone before us. How proud they would be.  It wasn’t in vain. Pink will have finally killed the beast.  

3 thoughts on “Pink Power Revisited

  1. I'll take pink where I can get it. I have such strong feelings about fundraising (VERY strong PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL feelings about it) versus awareness. The last few days while exploring blogs I have been very conflicted, but I realize that even if someone or somebody is only promoting \”pink\” I'll take it. Yes, I want research dollars, but I also want pink and all that it brings such as you mention above. One day I shall perhaps be able to blog about my personal and professional experiences regarding true fundraising and fundraisers….


  2. Stacey, Well, it's little old me back here to comment once again, just like way back then! I laughed out loud when I read your opening paragraph. (I'm so glad I found your blog because you found mine). I like your kind of pink power, the real kind. Research for prevention, better treatments and a cure! Research for all of it.


  3. I still have trouble talking about my breast cancer diagnosis, and it's almost 15 years later! (I talked about the importance of self exams at a MOPS meeting, and even though I knew most of the women, it was really hard!)


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